Meets Quarterly or as needed to ensure WF NCORP Research Base study results are published in a timely manner with proper authorship inclusion and scientific merit

Name Credentials Site Role
Klepin, Heidi MD (Onc – Geriatrics) WF Co-Chair
Vitolins, Mara PhD (Epi/Prevention) WF Co-Chair
Craver, Karen MT, MHA WF NCORP RB Staff
Dressler, Emily PhD (Biostats) WF NCORP RB Investigator
Lesser, Glenn MD (Onc – Brain) WF NCORP RB Investigator
Turner, Julie MS, MSEM WF NCORP RB Staff
Wagi, Cheyenne MPH WF NCORP RB Staff
Weaver, Kathryn PhD, MPH (CCDR) WF NCORP RB Investigator


  • Prior to initial submission to a journal, the WF NCORP Research Base Publication Coordinator and Committee must review the manuscript (allow 10 business days) before sending to the NCI NCORP Program Director or CCDR Program Director (allow up to 30 days).
  • Abstracts should be provided to the Wake Forest NCORP Research Base Publication Coordinator at least 5 business days prior to initial submission to undergo Wake Forest NCORP Research Base Committee and NCI review.