Meets the third Monday of every month from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM ET. This group focuses on review of feasibility, scientific merit, study design, health equity, and prioritization in our study portfolio.

CC Committee
Name Role
Danhauer, Suzanne Co-Chair
Sohl, Stephanie Co-Chair
Chan, Michael PI – WF
Cramer, Christina PI – WF
Sandberg, Joanne PI – WF
Williams, Grant PI – UAB
Dressler, Emily Member – WF
Lesser, Glenn Member – WF
Rapp, Stephen Member – WF
Vitolins, Mara Member – WF
Glenn, Renee NCORP RB
Strom, Carla Advocate – WF
Brown, Courtney Community – Heartland NCORP
Cater, Billy Community – Ozarks NCORP
Garcia, Gabe Community – Maine NCORP
Geene, Salome Community – Atlantic NCORP
Hackney, Mary Helen Community – VCU MU NCORP
Klemp, Jennifer Community – Kansas MU NCORP
Koffarnus, Amy Community – CROWN NCORP
Loch, Michelle Community – Gulfsouth MU NCORP
Lucas, Alexander Community – VCU MU NCORP
Saunders, Jaime Community – Maine NCORP
Smith, Stephanie Community – Georgia NCORP