Society for Clinical Trials –¬†Annual Meeting

May 19-22, 2024

Boston, MA

WF-20817CD – Implementation of Smoking Cessation Services within NCI NCORP Community Sites with Organized Lung Cancer Screening Programs (OaSiS)

Poster Presentation

Kittel CA, Dressler E, Snavely A, Foley K. Reducing Dimensionality of Fidelity Measurements in Implementation Science Trials: A Case Example in Equivalence between Principal Component and Multiple Correspondence Analyses.


Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer

April 18-19, 2024

Columbus, OH

WF-2202 РOptimizing Psychosocial Intervention for Breast Cancer-related Sexual Morbidity: The Sexual Health and Intimacy Education (SHINE) Trial

Oral Presentation

Shaffer KM, Reese J, Dressler EV, et al. Optimizing internet-based psychosocial intervention for breast cancer-related sexual morbidity: Protocol for a factorial trial.


American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

April 5-10, 2024

San Diego, CA

WF-1802 – Influence of Primary Treatment for Prostate Cancer on Work Experience (PCW)

Presentation and publication in Cancer Research

Sandberg JC, Dressler EV, Krane LS, et al. Employment Characteristics and Work Ability Differences by Race and Income Before Undergoing Curative Treatment for Prostate Cancer.

WF-97415 – Understanding and Predicting Breast Cancer Events after Treatment (UPBEAT)

Presentation and publication in Cancer Research

Reding KW, Vasbinder A, O’Connell NS, et al. Biomarkers associated with Atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular dysfunction in Cancer Survivors treated with Anthracyclines


American College of Cardiology Conference

April 6 – 8, 2024

Atlanta, GA

WF-97415 – Understanding and Predicting Breast Cancer Events after Treatment (UPBEAT)

Moderated Poster Presentation

Daniel L, Bellissimo-Myers M, D’Agostino R, et al. Association of intermuscular fat and physical activity levels on exercise capacity in breast cancer survivors.

Poster Presentation

Trakhtman E, Mabudian L, D’Agostino R, et al. Lower HDL is associated with reduced LVEF three months following initiation of breast cancer treatment.

WF-98213 – Preventing Anthracycline Cardiovascular Toxicity with Statins (PREVENT)

Poster Presentation

Rodriguez JL, O’Connell NS, Ruddy KJ, et al. Changes in skeletal muscle quality during receipt of anthracycline-based chemotherapy.