Strategies to Disseminate and Sustain Cancer Care Delivery Innovations Webinar

Dr. Kristie Foley and Dr. David Miller

Cancer care delivery innovations developed and tested with grant funding may show promise for more widespread dissemination and implementation into clinical practice, but disseminating and sustaining these innovations beyond the period of funding can be quite challenging. In this webinar, two experienced NCI cancer care delivery researchers will talk about strategies for disseminating and sustaining CCDR innovations. Dr. Kristie Foley will talk about disseminating an interactive toolkit to support the implementation of smoking cessation support for patients undergoing lung cancer screening. These materials were developed during her NCORP Optimizing Lung Screening Study (OaSiS) Study (WF 20817CD). Dr. David Miller will discuss strategies for sustaining digital care delivery tools, using the example of mPATH, a digital health platform that identifies, educates and assists patients to receive colorectal cancer screening. This platform was developed and tested in a series of NCI R01 studies. This webinar may be of interest to CCDR leads, NCORP administrators, and investigators who want to understand more about how to move research tested CCDR innovations into the clinic.

The CCDR Committee meets the last Tuesday of every month from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM ET

Name Credentials Site Role
Nightingale, Chandylen PhD, MPH (Cancer Survivorship) Chair – WF Chair – WF
Klepin, Heidi MD (Onc – Geriatrics) Co-Chair – WF Co-Chair – WF
Akinsanya, Precious MD – Assoc Dir Onc Clin Res Community – Atlantic Investigator
Birken, Sarah PhD Member – WF Investigator
Comley, April CRA Community – Delware/Christiana Staff
Craddack, Simon Lee PhD, MPH – Chair, Dept of Pop Health Community – Kansas Investigator
Craver, Karen MT, MHA NCORP RB Staff
Dressler, Emily PhD NCORP RB Investigator
Faro, Jamie MS, PhD Community – UMass UMASS
Farris, Mike MD (Rad Ther) Member – WF Investigator
Haines, Emily PhD Member – WF Investigator
Hancock, Judy BA, MHA – CCDR Lead Community – Ozarks Staff
Hopkins, Judy MD (Onc) Community – SCOR Investigator
Jefferson, Melanie PhD, MPH Community – MUSC Investigator
Jenkins, Wendy RN, Neurosurgery Res Admin Advocate – WF Staff
Juhasz, Rose PhD – Director Oncology Research Community – MCRC Investigator
Lycan, Tom MD (Onc – H/N) Member – WF Investigator
Marcotte, Cynthia RN Community – Maine Staff
Miller, Heather CCDR Lead Community  РMetroMinn Staff
Prescott, Jill MS – Administrator Community – Maine Staff
Salz, Talya PhD PI – MSK Investigator
Sheedy, Jessica MS – NCORP Site Coord NCORP RB Staff
Snavely, Anna PhD (Biostats) Member – WF Investigator
Turner, Julie MS, MSEM NCORP RB Staff
Weaver, Kathryn PhD, MPH (CCDR) Member – WF Investigator
Wilson, Alex MD (Rad Ther) Community – Investigator
Winkfield, Karen MD, PhD (Rad Ther) Member – VUMC Investigator
Wojtowicz, Mark MS, MBA Community – Geisinger CCDR Lead
Wright, Samantha MS Community – Carle CRA